Your course is engaging & helped me stay motivated – with your finesse being no “preaching”, but rather providing the information you’ve obviously gleaned from many sources & your extensive course-work.

I know you will help many people on their journey as well & know you’ll have a wonderful fulfilling new chapter in your life with your selfless optimism awaiting you!   -Alan S., Santa Rosa, CA


Your class is all the buzz this week; everyone is loving it.  -Pamela S., HR Dept. – Amy’s Kitchen


Many thanks for the wonderful lecture today. Thank you for being so willing to work with our crowd here.  It’s a tremendous value for them and we appreciate your time.
-Jenny L.,  Fitness Director- Varenna at Fountaingrove


I want to express my gratitude for the personal service that you provided in regard to my nutrition. I feel that my wife and I are enjoying the benefit of a healthier and more rewarding diet following the completion of your service. -Robert Mc Laughlin, Novato, CA.


Your ability to connect with others and guide your class was truly a joy to watch. I believe your clients and all your participants were very lucky to have your support and expertise. It has been a pleasure teaching you and watching you grow and supporting you on this path. I am honored to call you my colleague.
-Mary Sheila Gonnella, Faculty, Bauman College, Penngrove, CA


Last year I thought I was healthy. I thought I was eating right and I was exercising everyday. And yet, I just couldn’t lose those extra 10 pounds that snuck up on me since I passed the threshold of 50.

Then I met with Jenny. I finally feel like I can now eat for health AND enjoyment! She gave me the tools to finally take charge of my health by eating to nourish my body.

I still occasionally have days when I get it wrong, but I no longer beat myself up. I simply do better the next day.

Thanks Jenny!
Lynda J., Healdsburg, CA